Top Ten Reasons To Send A Lawn Greeting


1. It's better than the toaster you gave them last Christmas.
2. Because he already has enough clip on ties.
3. Our Flamingos don't leave behind any bad "surprises"!
4. Our lawn greetings will make someone laugh and smile!
5. Flamingo a Friend fights gingivitis.  Ok, maybe not, but smiling helps!
6. Lawn Greetings make even the tallest grass look shorter ;)
7. Lawn Greetings bring the neighborhood together!
8. Because a Flock of Flamingos is better than the band, Flock of Seagulls.
9. Because if I weren't delivering your lawn greetings I'd probably have to join a gang of huligans.
10. If your still reading, you've already made the choice, now its time to pick up the phone!


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